Strengthening of Perstorp's feed additives division

Perstorp, world leader within feed additives production, is now coping with the current rapid growth by appointing three new colleagues in three different geographical locations to strengthen sales and technical support. Perstorp is a producer of several organic acids and manufactures a range of feed additives ranging from antibacterials and silage additives to gut health enhancers and solutions for molds and mycotoxins.

Gabriella Bragée has been appointed Product Manager for ProMyr™ silage additives. Starting September 1, she will be responsible for the Swedish export business of silage additives. She will focus a great deal on research and product portfolio development. Bragée has worked within sales, technical support and product management for several companies in the agricultural industry.

John Zhao has been appointed the China Technical Sales Manager for Perstorp Performance Additives. He joined Perstorp on July 15th. Zhao has a Master’s degree in animal nutrition and feed science from the Animal Science College at the Shan Dong University and has experience working for another multi-national company in a related industry.

Devendra Verma, will be responsible for sales and will be the first in line for technical support in India. He started in his new position on September 1. Verma has a Master’s degree in Veterinary Science, and abundant experience managing the commercial development and technical support of several types of feed additives for a number of renowned companies.

“We believe that with the addition of John and Devendra to our team, we have a strong position to develop in these Asian markets” states Marie Grönborg, Business Unit Manager for Perstorp Performance Additives. “With the addition of Gabriella our product management department for silage is back to full strength and ready to move forward and expand our markets for silage additives outside of Sweden” she continues.

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