Perstorp to strengthen distribution of several non-coating applications in the Italian market

Reschem Italia SpA will market various products in the Perstorp range, including polyalcohols, organic acids, caprolactones and specialty polymers, building on their expertise and complementary products they offer.

The collaboration with Reschem Italia SpA will complement Perstorp’s own sales force in serving small and mid-sized customers in Italy and San Marino.

“We believe that in a market like Italy we need dedicated partners on a segment basis to support the growth and development opportunities with our small and mid-sized customer base. Reschem offers a customer-focused and growth-oriented organization and we are looking forward to this collaboration,” says Paolo Aletti, Regional Sales Manager, Perstorp SpA, Italy

Reschem Italia SpA operates in Italy dealing with capillary distribution of chemical raw materials and specialties for specific industrial markets. Thanks to its strong partnerships with outstanding global chemicals producers and exploiting its deep experience and technical background, the company has achieved significant results in the industrial fields where it operates such as polyurethane, plastics, paints and varnishes, adhesives, detergents and pharmaceuticals.

Paolo Aletti

Regional Sales Manager

+39 331 488 318

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