Perstorp to strengthen distribution in Brazil

Besides its role as distributor for our range of Caprolactones in the Brazilian market, Grupo M.Cassab is  taking over responsibility for distributing a range of Perstorp building blocks for the coating resins market (such as Trimethylol¬propane, Neopentyl glycol and Isophthalic Acid) as well as our coalescing agents NX 795 and NX 800.

The collaboration with Grupo M.Cassab will complement Perstorp’s own sales force in serving  small and mid-sized customers in Brazil.

“Grupo M.Cassab has been one of Perstorp’s partners for many years in selected areas and it’s natural to formalize and expand our collaboration. Both companies have clear ambitions for growth in the Brazilian market and we are confident that together we can expand our business activities in several areas,” says Claudio Gaino, Perstorp’s Latin America Director.

With 84 years on the Brazilian market, Grupo M.Cassab owns three large business areas: Distribution, Consumption and Real Estate Investments which totally comprises 15 performance areas and three thousand direct and indirect employees. The Group differential is the innovation and specialty on diversity, built on productivity, quality, socio environmental responsibility and future vision. With a growth projection of 23% for 2012, M.Cassab is present in big capitals of Brazil, United States, United Arab Emirates, China, Argentina and Uruguay. For more information visit

Claudio Gaino

Regional Manager Latin America

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