Perstorp to strengthen distribution in Brazil

As of Q1 2012, Oxiquim Quimica Ltda will be responsible for distributing the wider range of Perstorp’s products for the coating resins market with the main focus being on Perstorp’s various polyalcohols such as Pentaerythritol, Trimethylolpropane and Neopentyl glycol.

The collaboration with Oxiquim Quimica Ltda will complement Perstorp´s own sales force in serving small and mid-sized coating resin producers in Brazil.

“As a result of the sales channel review, Perstorp has identified key players who have the capabilities of being chosen as Perstorp partners for the various core segments in which we operate. Oxiquim Quimica Ltda is one of these. With their history in the industry and effective operation in Brazil, we are convinced that they will support our growth targets in Brazil and South America,” says Per Westberg, Sales Director, Perstorp.

“For South America and especially Brazil the supply of resin raw materials is very important for our Group. To be a dedicated player supporting Perstorp and offering our range of building blocks to customers across the regions, starting with Pentaerythritol, is key and we are very happy with this agreement,” says Claudio Gaino, Perstorp’s Director for Latin America.

Oxiquim Quimica Ltda, a branch of Oxiquim International Investments, has been present in the Brazilian market since 1975, providing distribution services to various industries, including resins, coatings, tannery, water treatment, reinforced plastics, paper and cellulose.

Claudio Gaino

Regional Manager Latin America

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