Perstorp to strengthen sales and development in the Nordic region

As of April 2012 Kemi-Intressen AB (a company within the Nordmann Rassmann Group) is responsible for the distribution of a wider range of Perstorp products including e.g. polyalcohols, caprolactones and specialty polymers. These products are mainly addressing the customers in a number of key segments such as adhesives, TPUs, plastics as well as resins and coatings.

The collaboration with Kemi-Intressen AB is an extension to the agreement Perstorp already has with the Nordmann Rassmann Group for the DACH region.

“We see a natural fit between Perstorp and Kemi-Intressen for the distribution of specialty chemicals in the Nordic market. Our recent review of the use of sales channels has together with our historic relationship with the NRC Group supported the decision to expand the use of a distinct distributor also in this home market of ours”, says Jeanette Johansson, Regional Sales Manager - Nordic.