Perstorp launches portfolio dedicated to performance adhesives and sealants

High-strength adhesion, flexibility, fast bonding times, low VOC content and non-yellowing qualities are among the advantages offered by the new portfolio. Its introduction reflects Perstorp’s ongoing commitment to grow into new markets with its high performance essentials and specialties.

The new portfolio is dedicated to the formulation of the full range of adhesives and sealants, covering solvent-based polyurethanes adhesives and sealants, thermoplastic and reactive hot-melt adhesives, waterborne polyurethane adhesives and expandable sealants.

Perstorp’s offer for adhesives and sealants covers polyols, isocyanate monomers, dispersing monomers, isocyanate cross-linkers and more – and it is has been significantly enhanced by a number of key acquisitions made in recent years.

“Adhesive and sealant manufacturers now have the opportunity to differentiate their formulations to meet customer demands in key segments and stand out in a competitive market,” comments Eric Aubay, Vice President HDI & Derivatives. “Our focus is to be a global partner for adhesive manufacturers, and enable them to supply the automotive, footwear, furniture, flooring, electronics, textile, flexible packaging, bookbinding and construction industries with the performance adhesives and sealants they demand.”

Products featuring at the European Coatings Show 2011 in Nuremberg, Germany include:

Strong, flexible solvent-based polyurethane adhesives and sealants
Solvent-based adhesives and sealants need to meet demands relating to bond strength and flexibility in application. Perstorp’s Capa™ polyols display a wide range of molecular weight and lower density compared to other polyester polyols. They also offer very good hydrolysis resistance, excellent low-temperature flexibility and wide working temperature range and excellent oil and UV stability.

Scuranate™ TDI and aliphatic isocyanate monomers enable durable and non-yellowing formulations.

Tolonate™ polyisocyanates, cross-linkers for 1K and 2K solvent-based formulations are highly versatile and offer outstanding durability and long-lasting adhesion.

Perstorp’s alkoxylates are reactive diluents for radiation curing systems that reduce the viscosity of the formulated system to obtain the desired processing conditions. This creates opportunities for demanding adhesives manufacturers to achieve specific performance benefits including improved wetting and adhesion to difficult substrates.

High performance, low impact waterborne polyurethane adhesives
Waterborne adhesives are VOC-free or have very low VOC, cutting environmental impact and contributing to a healthy and safe indoor environment. Formulators can choose from Perstorp’s complete offer for the synthesis of aqueous polyurethane dispersions including Capa™ polyols for improving strength and flexibility and Oxymer™ carbonate diols for the highest hydrolytic stability and outdoor durability.

Perstorp’s HDI, IPDI, and TDI monomers function as essential building blocks for polyurethane synthesis and Bis-MPA & Ymer™ N120 dispersion monomers enable easy formulation of waterborne polyurethane resins.

In addition, Perstorp’s Easaqua™ WAT series of self-emulsifying polyisocyanates enable high performance, ultra low VOC and APEO-free formulations when used as cross-linkers of 2K waterborne polyurethanes.

Fast bonding thermoplastic and reactive hot-melt adhesives
Perstorp offers materials to meet the demands of the fast growing hot-melt adhesives segment for low impact in terms of VOC-content (volatile organic compounds) and the reduction or elimination of VOCs from formulations.

Here, formulators benefit from the unique performance of Capa™ thermoplastics grades used either as 100% resin or combined with other polymers or fillers. The low melt viscosity enables ease of application and penetration into substrates, and low Tg (-60 °C) ensures good low temperature performance. Capa™ achieves excellent adhesion to leather and other greasy substrates and is also used in laminating adhesive film and reactive hot-melt adhesives.

Expandable sealants
Perstorp has recently launched a new Charmor™ product for intumescent systems, enabling expandable sealants for fire protection. Expandable sealants based on Charmor™ are ideal for use in the construction industry and for fire resistant plastics in the electrical, electronics and transportation sectors. Charmor™-based expandable sealants form a char barrier that slows the spread of fire, reduces heat and minimizes dangerous smoke and fumes more effectively than any alternative products, facilitating safe evacuation of buildings and limiting structural damage.