Perstorp launches Holtac™ micronized polyols to enable lead-free PVC stabilization

Leading polyol producer Perstorp is now launching a range of micronized polyols for high-performance PVC stabilization. The Holtac™ portfolio contains a range of polyols with different melting points and hydroxyl numbers to allow customization for specific PVC processing needs. Produced in Germany in Perstorp’s own production facilities, the polyols are formulated and milled to a precise micronized size to meet the high quality demands of the market.

“We are committed to supplying the market with precision milled polyols that enable PVC processing to become very smooth and lump-free – something our customers really appreciate. Also, the high purity of Holtac™ guarantees a stable melting point and predictable heat stability,” says Per-Erik Velin, Vice President Specialty Polyols.

Holtac™ polyols function as heat stabilizers in Ca/Zn stabilizer systems for PVC. Heat stabilizers counteract the degradation and yellowing of PVC compounds when they are processed at high temperatures. In dynamic heat stability tests when comparing the performance of Holtac™ in Ca/Zn systems to lead, equal performance can be reached.

“The environmental aspect of Holtac™ is also worth highlighting. When choosing Holtac™ you make a lead-free choice for the benefit of the environment – it is a sustainable choice replacing lead-based alternatives. With the ESPA:s* commitment to phase-out lead in Europe entirely by 2015, Holtac™ facilitates the transition to lead-free stabilizers without compromising performance,” says Per-Erik.