Perstorp presents one of the most complete offerings for the PU chain at CHINACOAT 2010

Perstorp will present its expanded product capabilities at the CHINACOAT 2010 to resins, coatings and adhesives producers with a truly unique package of specialty products and know-how to enable customers differentiate and tailor their polyurethanes.

Over the last three years Perstorp has completed a number of key acquisitions that have significantly enhanced Perstorp’s offering to the polyurethanes chain and have transformed Perstorp into a key-supplier to polyurethane producers, providing one of the most complete offerings in the industry. All areas will be showcased at CHINACOAT 2010. A key focus will also be on Perstorp’s activities and strategy for China and Asia, where a dedicated Business Group has been set up to provide a structure for distribution in the region and to further improve logistics and local services.

Product highlights include:
- Tolonate® used to formulate high-performance polyurethane coatings with exceptional durability, outstanding chemical resistance and mechanical properties.

- Easaqua™ (former Rhodocoat™ range) self-emulsifiable polyisocyanates, used as cross-linkers for easy-to-use and effective environmentally-friendly waterborne polyurethane alternatives to conventional solvent-based coatings.

- Capa® polycaprolactones, which reduce the need for solvents thanks to their exceptionally low viscosity, while bringing outstanding flexibility at low temperatures.

- Oxymer® unique polycarbonate diols, used to produce waterborne polyurethane resins (PUDs, Polyurethane Dispersions) that show exceptional hydrolytic stability and excellent UV-resistance.

- Boltorn® W 3000 L, a novel solution that allows the dilution of solvent-based alkyd paints with water, thus reducing solvent emissions and costs, while maintaining performance.

- Ymer™ N-120 non-ionic dispersing monomer for waterborne resins, which decreases the need of co-solvents during prepolymer synthesis and increases the resins’ stability towards pH variation.

- NX 795, a non-VOC high-performing coalescing agent for waterborne latex paints.

As a responsible and reliable supplier to the resins, coatings and adhesives industries, Perstorp’s strategy is to develop alternative environmentally friendly technologies, to replace traditional solvent-based products. This is done to help customers meet more stringent regulations on the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions, and based on the belief that this will provide the answer to a deeper trend that calls for environmental responsibility throughout the entire value chain.

Come and visit us on CHINACOAT 2010, Perstorp Hall 10.2, stand 10F01-03.