Perstorp doubles Di-Penta production in Bruchhausen with innovative engineering

The demand for Perstorp Di-Penta grows from its power to enable improved performance in many environmentally friendly applications including UV cured coatings, synthetic lubricants, high solids alkyd coatings, fire resistant Charmor® coatings and lead-free PVC stabilizers. To provide customers with effective solutions and meet their high quality requirements, Perstorp’s work to maximize Di-Penta production capacity is now giving results.

“In 2008 we started investigating which of our sites had the highest potential to increase capacity and Bruchhausen was the strongest candidate,” says Perstorp Product Manager for Di-Penta, Andreas Nilsson. “Rather than investing in building more capacity at the site, we applied a wealth of engineering expertise and innovation to optimize production efficiency and the high quality that our Di-Penta stands for.”

The increased efficiency that Perstorp’s engineering team has achieved at the Bruchhausen site has so far nearly doubled production capacity. And Perstorp expects further production increase by the end of this year, potentially tripling the total production capacity of the Bruchhausen site since the start of the project. 

The company’s Bruchhausen site is where the majority of Di-Penta for the most important segments in Europe is produced, including those bound for fire-resistant coatings, lead-free PVCs and high solids coatings. While Perstorp is applying the same efficiency innovation mindset to their other Di-Penta production sites, they are not stopping there.

The complete strategy to meet customer demand for Perstorp Di-Penta now and in the future also includes a number of innovation projects focused on application development for complementary solutions. These are pioneering application technology with both new and existing products to complement Di-Penta in formulating products with optimal price/ performance ratio, in key applications – to enable scratch resistance and hardness UV cured coatings, low viscosity resins for low VOC and high performance high solids coatings, and PVC production stability with lead-free PVC stabilizers.