Perstorp presents Charmor®, the #1 choice for a new, ground-breaking, generation of intumescent coatings

Cecilia Svensson
Cecilia Svensson
VP Group Communications & Sustainability
+46 40 635 88 30
Coatings and Resins
13 April 2010

Charlotte, April 13th 2010: Perstorp presents Charmor® polyols, essential components for a new, ground-breaking, generation of intumescent coatings. Superior micronized and supermicronized Charmor® polyols create an advanced char barrier for steel and wooden structures. When exposed to fire, intumescent coatings with Charmor® swell 10 to 100 times their original thickness to form an insulating carbon char barrier that protects the substrate and building structure for a longer period of time than any other comparable product. This may save lifes.

The extra minutes provided by Charmor® compared to competitor products could be crucial to taming the ravages of fire. Perstorp’s high purity micronized polyol products improve fire protection by increasing the insulation effect of intumescent coatings. The carbon in Charmor® forms a thick fire-resistant char barrier that helps to prevent the substrate from catching fire or distorting when a coating is exposed to temperatures over 250°C. The intumescent process starts at 250°C. Steel loses its strength at about 550°C.

In airports, sports arenas, schools, hospitals and production plants the protective power of Charmor® products facilitates the safe evacuation of people and limits structural damage when a fire breaks out. Intumescent coatings provide many benefits compared to more traditional systems:

- Safer, better, sustainable alternative to old systems containing asbestos
- Maintains aesthetics of steel beams
- Lower maintenance and upkeep compared to sprinklers  

This is particularly important in response to the serious health hazards posed by other products and the ever-increasing use of structural steel in construction projects. 

“At very high temperatures, steel profiles distort and become weaker, which can lead to collapse,” comments Adrian Harden, Charmor Product Manager. “Intumescent coatings applied to surfaces within a building win crucial time. Our Charmor® range has been developed to ensure the very best in performance and protection for a longer time than any comparable product”. 

Charmor® products range can be used both in waterborne and solvent borne coatings.

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