Perstorp presents an extended offer for PU coatings at American Coatings Show 2010

Perstorp has significantly strengthened its portfolio for PU coatings through a number of key acquisitions of isocyanates, caprolactones and isophthalic acid businesses. In combination with its vast palette of polyols, the extended product range and synergies in sales, production and development, have transformed Perstorp into a key-supplier for the entire PU cain.  

Strategically important additions to Perstorp’s coatings portfolio include isocyanates and polycaprolactones. Isocyanates are used as hardeners in coatings and elastomers, in foam products with major markets such as automotive (OEM & refinish), industrial maintenance, plastic & wood coatings, transportation, aerospace, coil & can coatings, leather finishing and adhesives. Perstorp recently announced its plans to increase HDI derivatives capacity in Europe and in China.

Perstorp is the world’s largest supplier of caprolactones and its derivatives. Polycaprolactones are specialty polyester polyols typically used as the soft segment component in a wide range of high performance PUs. They provide a number of performance benefits for ease of processing and finished product performance such as good hydrolytic stability, excellent tear strength and consistent reactivity. Through a significant investment, Perstorp will double production capacity at its Warrington, UK site.

Specific products to be featured by Perstorp at American Coatings Show 2010 include:
- Tolonate® aliphatic polyisocyanates which provide exceptional durability, outstanding chemical resistance and mechanical properties to high-performance PU coatings.

- Charmor® essential components of intumescent coatings that create a superior char barrier to insulate steel and wooden structures in the event of a fire. The coatings protect lives and property by significantly reducing the rate of temperature rise and delaying or even avoiding structural collapses.

- Easaqua™ self-emulsifiable polyisocyanates grades for the crosslinking of waterborne PU coatings, based on a unique patented technology. They offer an effective environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional solvent-based coatings. 

The United States is a key market for Perstorp, with a tailored offering for North American customers that includes dedicated teams, a distribution network, and a continuing commitment. Perstorp has two production facilities in the US: Toledo, Ohio, and Freeport, Texas. Perstorp’s aim is to offer formulators high quality products and innovation potential. 

“Perstorp and the acquired businesses share many customers in the polyurethane coatings and adhesives sector that can now benefit from a stronger product range. We are looking forward to presenting our extended, comprehensive portfolio to American Coatings Show visitors and demonstrating the many performance benefits, processing enhancements and innovation capacities available to PU formulators. Our recent products are representing some key environmental benefits. As a responsible and reliable supplier for the whole polyurethane market, Perstorp’s strategy is to develop alternative environmentally friendly technologies”, says Eric Aubay, Vice President HDI & Derivatives.