Perstorp expands in India with new application laboratory and growing sales team

India continues to be a major growth market, with a GDP growth of 7-8% per year and rapidly rising standards of living. And as the automotive, construction and textile industries continue to boom in the country, demand continues to grow.

“We see a rise in demand from coatings formulators especially, who in turn supply the construction, automotive and textile industries,” says Lars Erlandsson, Managing Director Perstorp Chemicals India. “The market is not only growing in quantity but also in terms of needing more technologically advanced solutions that meet the increasing consumer demands for higher quality and safety in end-products.”

Supporting this growth and giving customers closer local partnerships and opportunities for joint innovation, is Perstorp’s new application laboratory in Ghatkopar, a suburb of Mumbai. The laboratory will welcome the Perstorp customers to brand new facilities and offer state of the art equipment and the full support of application R&D experts to explore new formulations and developments in paint, coating and resin applications and more.

Perstorp has also recently expanded its sales and marketing organization in India to better support the customers and plan is to continue to recruit further competence. The complete Perstorp offer for coatings formulators, enabling products such as fire-resistant coatings with our Charmor® polyalcohols, is strong driver of Perstorp’s growth in India. Charmor®-based intumescent coatings protect the structure, and people inside, of public buildings like the recently opened Delhi International Airport and the upcoming Chennai and Calcutta airport construction projects set for 2010.

As the wealth of the middle class in India grows, Perstorp also help food producers meet consumer demands for higher quality prepared food, such as cheeses and baked goods that stay fresh for longer with the help of our food and feed additives.