Perstorp investing in formates

Ulrika Andersson
Ulrika Andersson
Vice President, BU Penta
+46 406 35 88 39
21 January 2010

The world-leading specialty chemicals company Perstorp is now taking the next step in its initiative to provide formates. The successful investment in potassium formate was put into operation in the summer of 2009 and is now being followed up by an investment in a facility for manufacturing calcium formate.

The Perstorp Group’s new production facility for potassium formate was put into operation about six months ago and Perstorp is now the world-leading manufacturer of the product. Potassium formate is mainly used in the application areas of oil drilling and de-icing - and the usage is growing.

 “We’re now taking the next step in our formate initiative and investing in a new production unit for calcium formate at our German production facility,” says Ulrika Andersson, Vice President Penta & Formates. “We want to be a reliable, long-term partner to our customers and this investment will give them more secure supplies. The outlook for calcium formate is positive and we’re expecting growth for this product’s application areas. Overall, this means we’ve repositioned the product, which is strategically important to us.”

Calcium formate is used in applications such as tile additives and feed additives.

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