Perstorp’s comprehensive portfolio presented at CHINACOAT 2009

During CHINACOAT 2009, Martin Lundin, recently appointed CEO of Perstorp will be present to discuss the company’s recent acquisitions and its expanded product capabilities.  A key focus will be on the company’s activities and strategy for China with the recent set up of a dedicated Asian Business Unit to structure its whole distribution and further improve logistics and local services.

In recent years Perstorp has completed a number of key acquisitions, including Rhodia and Lyondell’s Isocyanates, Solvay’s caprolactones production in the UK and Lonza’s production of isophtalic acid in Singapore that have significantly enhanced its offering to the polyurethane supply chain. Combined with its vast pallet of polyols, these latest moves have transformed Perstorp into a key-supplier for the entire polyurethane chain. 

Isocyanates are used as hardeners in coatings and elastomers, or in foam products with major markets such as automotive (OEM & refinish), industrial maintenance, plastic & wood coatings, transportation, aerospace, coil & can coatings, leather finishing and adhesives. They represent a strategically important addition to the Perstorp product portfolio.

Perstorp polycaprolactones are specialty polyester polyols that are typically used as the soft segment component in a wide range of high performance polyurethanes (PUs). They provide a number of performance benefits for ease of processing and finished product performance such as good hydrolytic stability, excellent tear strength and consistent reactivity.

These new businesses have strengthened Perstorp’s existing product portfolio for the coatings industry considerably while providing synergies in sales, production and development. Perstorp and the acquired business share many customers that will now benefit from a stronger product range that will be showcased at CHINACOAT 2009 and includes: 

- Tolonate® aliphatic polyisocyanates, which are used to formulate high-performance polyurethane coatings, with exceptional durability, outstanding chemical resistance and mechanical properties.
- Based on a unique patented technology, the Easaqua™ grades are self-emulsifiable polyisocyanates, used as cross linkers of effective environmentally-friendly waterborne polyurethane alternatives to conventional solvent-based coatings. 
- Environmentally friendly polyol solutions such as Capa® polycaprolactones, which reduce the need for solvents thanks to their exceptional low viscosity, while bringing outstanding hydrolysis resistance and flexibility at low temperature.
- Boltorn® W 3000 and U 3000 are novel high solids solutions where Perstorp has helped customers reduce solvent contents in alkyds, while maintaining coating performance.
- NX 795, a non-VOC high-performing coalescing agent for waterborne latex paints.

As a responsible and reliable supplier for the whole polyurethane market, Perstorp’s strategy is to develop alternative environmentally friendly technologies, to replace traditional solvent-based products.  This trend is partly linked to more stringent regulations concerning emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) but also due to a new environmentally responsible drive throughout the entire value chain.