Perstorp at the forefront of low VOC emission materials for the polyurethane coatings market

With isocyanates as the latest addition, Perstorp portfolio now includes solvent-based Tolonate® and waterborne Easaqua™ aliphatic polyisocyanates for high-performance polyurethane coatings. It also contains HDI, IPDI and TDI monomers for chemical synthesis. 

“We strongly believe such broad portfolio gathering some of the main raw materials used by the polyurethane market is a starting point for a true synergy in terms of new product development, which could benefit all the polyurethane chain”, says Eugenie Charrière, Market Development group leader. 

In line with its commitment towards environmentally responsible products, Perstorp is at the forefront to reduce VOC emissions, finding ways to meet 2010 legislation. Thus, the EasaquaÔ line is a unique patented technology of self-emulsifiable cross linkers for waterborne polyurethanes. Perstorp offers also environmentally polyol solutions such as Capa® Polycaprolactones, reducing the needs for solvents thanks to their exceptional low viscosity. On novel high solids solution, Perstorp succeed in helping its customers to reduce solvent contents in alkyds, while maintaining coating performance. Last but not least, Perstorp has designed some of its materials to be classified as non-VOC products, such as NX 795, a high-performing coalescing agent for waterborne latex paints. 

Beyond VOC emissions control, Perstorp intends to reduce the impact of its materials while improving their exceptional properties: Charmor, for example, improves fire resistance of steel beam structures for airport, office buildings and train stations. Intumescent coatings based on Charmor polyols further offer halogen-free solutions, a big eco-plus compared to traditional flame retardants.

 “As a responsible supplier for the whole polyurethane market, our strategy is to develop alternative environmentally-friendly technologies, such as waterborne coatings and adhesives, which took market share over traditional solvent-based products. This trend is partly linked to more stringent regulations concerning emissions of volatile organic compounds, VOCs, but also due to a new attitude through the entire value chain”, says Christophe Gas, Perstorp’s Director of the Business Group Coating Additives. In spite, or because, of the crisis, eco-friendly remains seen by formulators as a very attractive driver to innovate and differentiate.

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