Perstorp proves that highly soluble DMBA unleashes PUD productivity & freedom

This highly soluble dispersing monomer is now enabling smart formulators to maximize their throughput and to customize their PUDs for specific processing situations and with specific performance properties.

The study, which compares DMBA to big-seller Bis-MPA, shows that DMBA is more than four times as soluble in water and common solvents than Bis-MPA is. This broader solubility window is the key to unlocking increased productivity and greatly enhanced formulation freedom and formulators see the results of these benefits even with just small additions of DMBA to replace some of the Bis-MPA in the mix. 

DMBA dissolves easily and at low temperatures, reducing prepolymer reaction time by at least 15% at a 10% lower reaction temperature when compared to Bis-MPA. The shorter cycles and lower temperatures required translate to reduced cost per hour in production.

“Customers that have switched to DMBA for their PUDs are reporting improved productivity,” Perstorp Director of Market Development, Bo Häggman says.

This high solubility and versatility also frees formulators to innovate with formulations and materials to discover new ways to meet the needs of the value chain, all the way down to the end-user. Partial or full replacement of Bis-MPA with DMBA in PUDs enables formulators to tailor specific properties by allowing them to use different techniques or raw materials in their PUDs that Bis-MPA would otherwise not allow. This facilitates differentiation with specific performance properties such as offering the best scratch or abrasion resistance in wood coatings, leather finishes or textile surface treatments.

“DMBA is especially useful when formulators run into problems trying to transfer new recipes that are successful in the lab out to production.” Häggman points out. “Formulators can then turn to DMBA instead of being forced to go back to lab or rebuild their production to make it work.”

As one of the world’s top suppliers of Bis-MPA, Perstorp is in a position to offer expert help in developing and improving formulations using DMBA as a complement to Bis-MPA or innovating new formulations based on DMBA. Perstorp PUD experts will be on hand to field questions about DMBA for PUDs at booth No. 813 of the 2008 American Coatings Show, held from June 3rd to 5th in Charlotte, North Carolina.