Free your PUDs with affordable new non-ionic monomer Ymer® N120

Adding Ymer® N120 helps make solvent-free and thereby greener PUDs possible and also cuts down the time and steps required to make non-ionic PUDs.

Perstorp developed the new Ymer® N120 to give PUD formulators an affordable alternative to current market solutions. Ymer® N120 is the key to making PU resins water-dispersible for non-ionic PUDs, which in addition to performance and process benefits are also more environmentally sustainable since they require no costly solvents and keep VOCs to a minimum.

“Ymer® N120 can be added directly into the prepolymer synthesis and lets formulators skip the time consuming step of creating adducts, such as MPEG isocyanate adducts, themselves,” explains Perstorp Business Development Manager, Daniel Röme. “Its lower melting point and viscosity also make processing quicker and easier.”

Ymer® N120’s unique properties offer added performance and process benefits that competitive products cannot match. The product’s lower molecular weight gives it a lower melting point and lower viscosity than competitive products, and this makes Ymer® N120 easier and quicker to process since it requires less heat and takes less time to melt. It also acts as a co-solvent in the formulation, eliminating the need for extra co-solvents, which are costly, require special labeling and are less sustainable. 

Ymer® N120 also simplifies the formulation and results in pendant non-ionics, making it much more stable, easily dispersed and robust. 

“Our aim with Ymer® N120 is to offer PUD formulators a more convenient and affordable way to achieving the high performance polymers required for high tech polyurethane products and to widen the window of stable formulations that are possible to create,” Röme concludes.

Ymer® N120 is launching in June, at the 2008 American Coatings Show, in Charlotte, North Carolina.