Perstorp launches major recruitment campaign

The faces for Perstorp’s recruitment campaign are Isabel and Alexandra. The headline reads: “We need 50 engineers: More importantly, Alexandra and Isabel and millions of other people need you”. This new approach to advertising aims to encourage a large number of candidates to apply for the posts.

“We have a great need to recruit new, well qualified staff because of the investment currently taking place within the Group. Our Stenungsund plant, for example, is planning a completely new facility for production of Valeraldehyde and derivatives, while at Perstorp we are preparing to increase capacity. The strong business cycle has meant that employers have to be bold if they are to stick out as an attractive alternative on the labor market,” explains Susanne Jacobsson, Executive Vice President HR & Communications.   

The recruitment campaign is a new approach intended to appeal to a younger generation of job seekers. Perstorp has used the advertising method of story telling to appeal to new recruits. The story explains how Perstorp helps to make the world a better place for Alexandra, Isabel and millions of other people. Perstorp hopes the story will attract a lot of people to apply for the 50 engineer positions.

Bengt Johansson Ranmo

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