Perstorp announces significant investment in new production plant

The investment, which is expected to amount to 175 million Euros, is the largest ever in the 126 year history of Perstorp. The new production plant is to be built in Stenungsund on the west coast of Sweden, already one of Perstorp’s biggest production sites.

President and CEO of Perstorp Bo Dankis comments:
“This investment confirms our long-term commitment to this important industry sector. It is also a good example of our ambition to meet new demands on the market, combining cost-efficiency and environmental requirements.”

In 2011, when full production capacity is reached, Perstorp will be able to offer the market 150 000 metric tonnes of DPHP (Di-propyl-heptyl-phthalate), 2-PH (2 propylheptanol) and Valeric acid. 

DPHP is expected to be a key mainstream c10 plasticizer, used in PVC applications such as electrical cables, plastic flooring and interior details in cars. The applications are consumed in huge volumes today and the anticipated world-wide growth is expected to exceed 5% annually. 

Building on the experience gathered from over 25 years as a fully integrated plasticizer producer, Perstorp will develop the technology in-house.