Perstorp product offer targets Middle East growth

Perstorp’s move to actively prioritize their customers in the Middle East aims to meet the growing demand in the market for high quality polyalcohols. A broad portfolio of products tailored the specific demands of Perstorp’s customers in the Middle East is at the heart of the new focus which will also give customers direct access to the specialty expertise of their worldwide Technical Service and R&D Centers.

“The standard of living is rising quickly in this market,” explains Göran Bergvall, Perstorp’s Market Development Manager for the Middle East and Africa, “It is also a market which is rich with essential raw materials, making it a good base for growth in application areas such as coatings and printing inks.” 

The emphasis of Perstorp’s offer is to supply products that will enhance the performance of coatings and is therefore expected to benefit resin and coating formulators especially.  

“We aim to be the preferred partner of resin and coating formulators in the Middle East by delivering a portfolio of products for alkyd and polyester resins to enhance waterborne, solvent borne and powder coatings,” Bergvall confirms. 

While decorative paint applications have long been important in the market, the demand for industrial coatings is now increasing in the Middle East and Perstorp boasts the ability to help formulators meet the higher demands on raw materials and technology in this segment.

Formulators are expected to benefit from the use of Perstorp’s most versatile polyol Trimethylolpropane (TMP) which contributes to improved technical properties, such as chemical resistance and solubility, in polyesters, polyurethanes and alkyds. It is also useful in polyurethane dispersions and as component in curing agents for polyurethane coatings. Notably, TMP is also nontoxic and food contact approved for a number of applications.

The highly purified Charmor® products that Perstorp offers are the preferred choice as the carbon component to achieve intumescent coatings to protect people & property. When exposed to fire, intumescent coatings with Charmor® swell 10 to 100 times their original thickness and form an insulating carbon char barrier that protects the substrate and building structure. 

Perstorp also offers a wide range of intermediates for environmentally friendly waterborne resins and coatings that help formulators achieve perfectly tailored coating properties. Perstorp is the industry-leading supplier of Dimethylolpropionic Acid (Bis-MPA), the anionic monomer of choice for preparing polyurethane dispersions with the right technical properties. Further key products in Perstorp’s offer for the Middle East are Dimethylolbutanoic Acid (DMBA), efficient coalescers NX 795 and NX 800, and the unique Boltorn® W3000 which enables easy conversion of solvent borne alkyds to waterborne form. 

“We are also launching the Oxymer™ range of polycarbonate diols to be used as macrodiols in polyurethane dispersions,” Bergvall reports. 

Perstorp has been operating successfully of the Middle Eastern market for over 30 years will continue be increasingly active in exhibitions starting with the 2007 Middle East Coating Show in Cairo in mid-March. 

“Our carefully selected local sales agents work with Sales and Market Development Managers to support customers in the Middle East with expert technical service and access to specialist resins and coatings know-how,” says Bergvall, adding that this support is vital for the improvement of existing applications and products, and for the development of new ones.

“We are also increasing the frequency of direct visits, training our agents so they can support the market even better and even inviting customers to Perstorp for technical education,” he concludes.