Perstorp fully committed to Project Air

Perstorp is determined to drive the transformation of the chemical industry towards climate neutrality. Project Air is one important project in realizing this ambition, making the move to sustainable production methods possible, enabling green chemicals within a large variety of industries and end products.

As one mean of financing the project, it was submitted for funding to the EU Innovation Fund. Project Air has received an impressive score, including being acknowledged as highly innovative, technically advanced, and most importantly, with very high efficiency in reducing carbon emissions. However, it was not eventually one of the seven chosen projects in its first round. 

Although proving state of the art innovation and sustainability criteria, the EU Innovation Fund put the plausibility of Swedish biogas strategy in question in order to realize the project. 

“Sweden has the possibility to become a world leader within green chemical industry. Perstorp is fully committed to our part and to drive the development towards a climate neutral chemical industry. Project Air is an important enabler in doing this, and therefore a high priority for us. We are very happy with the positive evaluation from the EU Innovation Fund and we are more committed than ever to pursue this groundbreaking project as a means to supply our customers with sustainable products. One prerequisite for Project Air is a functioning market for biogas. This is twofold; firstly the gross production needs to increase, and secondly, this must be with incentives for not only use as fuel, but also for use as raw material for industrial production. In a circular economy, this is a more sustainable use of the carbon atoms.” states Jan Secher, President and CEO of Perstorp Group. 

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