Product Basics: ProPhorce™ SA Exclusive

Our industries can easily become very technical. Therefore, we are now introducing ‘Product Basics’ – a deep dive into selected products across market segments, explaining the basics of a product, its features and applications on a level that everyone can understand. In this article we are focusing on ProPhorce™ SA Exclusive – the pioneer in pathogen mitigation.

The risks of salmonella and other bacterial pathogens

Salmonella and other bacterial pathogens can make farm animals ill  as well as being carriers that spread them further. Salmonella and some other pathogens may transfer to meat and eggs and can make the people ill  that consume them. Needless to say, farmers and feed producers really don’t want to be linked to salmonella or other harmful pathogens. At worst they could be faced with costly product recalls and downtime in production. Farm animals that have symptoms don’t feel well, don’t grow as fast as they otherwise would have or don’t produce as many eggs or milk. This negatively effects the livestock enterprise.

Plenty of reasons to try to prevent Salmonella or other bacterial pathogens from entering a farm, wouldn’t you say? 

ProPhorce™ SA Exclusive

One of the ways that these bacteria can enter a farm is via the feed. ProPhorce™ SA Exclusive is our best solution to make the feed a very unhospitable place for Salmonella and other bacterial pathogens to grow. It helps to reduce the threat to a level where the animal’s bodies can cope with it.

The power of synergy

ProPhorce™ SA Exclusive’s concept is based on the synergetic effects that organic acids and essential oils have when working together against these bacterial pathogens. We have many years of experience figuring out which organic acids work best against which threats and under which circumstances and have formulated the products accordingly. Essential oils can help the organic acids to do an even better job because it makes the pathogens more accessible for the acids to neutralize. Essential oils break down the bacterial membrane and the organic acids enter the cells and render it inactive. Our research has shown that some essential oils do a far better job at that than others. ProPhorce™ SA exclusive contains the most effective combinations known and the results speak for themselves. Several trials have shown ProPhorce™ Exclusive to be the best at its job in the current landscape of feed production. 

There are completely different ways to reduce pathogens that involve feed treatments instead of additions to the feed. These solutions may be effective at first but can leave the feed vulnerable for recontamination after this treatment. ProPhorce™ SA Exclusive stays in the feed after dosing protecting it for much longer than feed treatment options. 

A pioneer in pathogen mitigation

ProPhorce™ SA Exclusive is a modern solution to mitigate Salmonella and other bacterial pathogens, based on years of research and experience. If you would like to know more, you can visit the ProPhorce™ SA Exclusive product page


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