Molecule pet name: Boltorn™

When looking under the microscope we have noticed, how molecules often have a resemblance to completely different things and that some of them simply should come with a ‘pet name’, based on what they look like. Stepping into the winter season, this time we had a look at molecules reflecting this time of the year. We kick off with Boltorn™.

Boltorn is a dendric polymer characterized by its densely branched backbone and a large number of reactive groups. What do you see, when looking at the molecule from above? 

Molecule pet name for Boltorn

When looking at the Boltorn molecule from above, we saw a striking resemblance to a unique snowflake, due its’ large number of primary hydroxyl groups and densely branched polymer backbone. Do you see it too now?

Boltorn’s globular structure has excellent flow and processing properties at high molecular weight. The exceptional concentration of reactive groups facilitates customization of properties for a wide range of end uses such as architectural coatings, radiation curing and polyurethanes for high-resilience foam articles.

Beyond the striking resemblance to a snowflake, Boltorn also has a link to Norse mythology. According to Norse mythology, Böltorn was the grandfather of Odin and known as a frost giant – a creature of snow and ice. Hence, in the product naming process the Norse Mythology, it’s Nordic origins and snowflake looking molecule served as great inspiration in the naming process of Boltorn™.


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