Year-end report 2018 now available

Net sales, decreased 2% to SEK 3,524 m (3,602). Sales prices in the fourth quarter were higher than the corresponding quarter last year linked to higher raw material prices, improved pricing and positive currency effects. Excluding BioProducts, organic volume-based sales growth was -8 % year-on-year. Adjusted for the scheduled maintenance turnaround in Stenungsund the organic volume-based sales growth was -2%.

EBITDA excluding non-recurring items, amounted to SEK 528 m in the fourth quarter compared to SEK 485 m in the corresponding period last year. The increase was attributable to positive currency effects and lower fixed costs, partly offset by negative impact from the scheduled maintenance turnaround in Stenungsund and higher raw material prices. EBITDA-margin excluding non-recurring items for continuing operations was 15.0% (13.5).

“The fourth quarter of 2018, has been a busy one. During the quarter we have signed and closed the divestment of the BioProduct business. We also agreed to sell our Capa™ business. The re-positioning of our portfolio will allow us to significantly strengthen our balance sheet and enables us to focus driving growth in our three platforms; Polyols, Oxo and Animal Nutrition”, President & CEO Jan Secher comments.

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