Now we launch PerCalc, a powerful web based calculation tool, the successor of PolyCalc. The tool makes it possible to manage complex calculations on alkyds and polyesters based on theoretical data. It also manage to handle urethane modifications created by isocyanate functionalities and ring-opening polymerization by cyclic esters like caprolactone monomers.

PerCalc is made for hydroxyl rich formulations and allows you to theoretically vary different parameter values in order to check and optimize various formulations. However it is important to stress that these theoretical formulations need to be confirmed in lab trials. Parameters like purities of raw materials, lab set-ups and procedures can have a decisive influence on final results. Note: PerCalc is not designed to calculate acid rich formulations.

Contact your Regional Sales manager for more information about PerCalc and how to get it!

PolyCalc was launched to customers in the early 90’s and has been a appreciated tool since then. 

Confidentiality assurance statement:

All data generated in the program is handled and stored locally on the user’s computer. Perstorp assure that we have no access to any calculations, formulations or added products created by the user. 

Where to find it: