Discussing the future of PVC at the first European PVC Summit

The first edition of the European PVC Summit is taking place on the 25th - 26th September 2019, in London. Jenny Klevås, Market Segment Manager BU Plasticizers at Perstorp, joins the summit and presents our take on ‘The Bright Future of PVC Products’.

The European PVC Summit will present and discuss the latest trends within the industry, including topics such as the circular economy, industry regulations, new business ventures in PVC, sustainability and waste management solutions.  Further, the conference will zoom in on current technologies and future outlooks of ongoing research in PVC products. 

During the summit, a number of key industry stakeholders will join to discuss essential topics for the PVC industry. Jenny Klevås, Market Segment Manager at Perstorp, will be one of the speakers and present how you can increase your sustainability profile of flexible PVC by the choice of plasticizer. The presentation will be part of session 4 on the second day of the summit at 13:40 PM, September 26th.  

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