Q3 Interim report 2018 now available

Perstorp Holding AB (Publ.) parent company for world leading specialty chemicals company Perstorp today announces its Q3 2018 Interim report.

Net sales, for continuing operations increased 13% to SEK 3,729 m (3,289). Sales prices in the third quarter were higher than the corresponding quarter last year mainly linked to higher raw material prices for most product lines. Organic volume-based sales growth, for continuing operations was -4 % year-on-year. Adjusted for the scheduled maintenance shutdown in Stenungsund the organic volume-based sales growth was about 1 %, affected by some production issues.

EBITDA excluding non-recurring items, for continuing operations amounted to SEK 566 m in the third quarter compared to SEK 575 m in the corresponding period last year. The scheduled maintenance turnaround at the Stenungsund site, which takes place every third year, has impacted the financial result negatively by approximately SEK 50 m. EBITDA-margin excluding non-recurring items for continuing operations was 15.2% (17.5). Excluding BioProducts, the EBITDA margin was 17.1% (20.0).

“As a company, we must remain mindful of external market dynamics, and ensure investment is thoughtful and focused to deliver the greatest value. Whilst we see signs of weakening in certain marketplaces, which means we must be cautious, we remain confident in our transformation plan and the initiatives taking place across the company.”, says Perstorp President & CEO Jan Secher.

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