Perstorp Process Academy – educating young engineers and chemists

Perstorp Process Academy aims at young engineers and chemists, to broaden their knowledge beyond their own sites and labs, establish a network among them and to prepare them for a broad career.

Essentially, the Perstorp Process Academy has been initiated to add depth in the fields that are particularly relevant to Perstorp and to broaden the view from pure process engineering to the wide arena of management and commerce, where our engineers are functioning. 

A group participating in the Perstorp Process Academy typically consists of young Chemists and Process Engineers balanced between different disciplines and sites. Also, each participant must have a minimum of two-three years’ experience.

The program runs for approximately two years and includes eight different modules.  In connection with the first module, the program starts with a kick-off presenting the overview of the program, objectives, expectations, etc. The eight different modules covers different aspects such as chemistry, maintenance, safety, emerging process technologies, process control and automation, and advanced process engineering.

From the first group to receive their certificates, Matias Kangas, Head of Product and Process Development R&D at Perstorp, says:

“I think, I can speak on behalf of all participants, when I say that Perstorp Process Academy has been highly appreciated. The program has broadened all our skillsets, and the shared knowledgebase is a good foundation for us to build upon, as we develop future process technologies together. Getting to know my peers from other sites and functions better, has been especially rewarding and fun.”

During 2018, two groups have already received their certificates from Perstorp Process Academy and the program is planned to continue, to broaden knowledge and strengthen networks.

Perstorp Process Academy group 1
First group being certified through the Perstorp Process Academy, and Magnus Lannér, ELT sponsor of the program, Oleg Pajalic, teaching one of the modules and Åsa Frohm, coordinator.

Perstorp Process Academy group 2
Second group being certified through the Perstorp Process Academy, together with Jan Secher, President and CEO at Perstorp, Oleg Pajalic, Vice President Process Innovation at Perstorp and Stefan Lundmark, Principal Scientist at Perstorp.

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