Visit at Brazilian Sodium Formates distributor Unipelli

During the summer, Perstorp visited Unipelli – a Sodium Formates (SoFo) distributor located in Brazil. Unipelli showed their installations, new application lab and analytic lab – all investments for future growth in the Brazilian market.

For 4 years, Unipelli has been our exclusive distributor of Sodium Formates (SoFo) in Rio Grande do Sul – South of Brazil. During the last couple of years, Unipelli have made several investments to support the market in Brazil, such as new laboratories and increased sales force.

As a result of these investments, Unipelli has increased sales of SoFo in the region, and opened up for new segments, such as pulp and paper (Sodium Sulfate) and Fertilizers (Potassium Formates).

Claudio Gaino, VP Formates at Perstorp, and Paulo Rodrigues, Perstorp Regional Sales Manager, visited Unipelli during summer:

“It was great to see the investments they’ve made – and the excellent work they are doing. Together with them, we also visited some farms and research centers that are testing our PoFo as fertilizer to flowers and vegetables”, says Claudio Gaino.

Claudio Gaino

Regional Manager Latin America

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Paulo Rodrigues

Regional Sales Manager

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