Time to apply for scholarship from Nauclér Memorial Foundation

Every year, the Nauclér Memorial foundation grants scholarships for educational purposes or research. J. O. Nauclér was the president of Perstorp AB for 15 years until 1970. He was then the chairman of the Board until his death in 1974.

One of J. O. Nauclér’s great interests was education. He also wanted everyone to have the opportunity to pursue further education regardless of the educational level previously attained. In commemoration of him, the Board of Perstorp AB in 1974 established a fund – the Nauclér Memorial Foundation.

Scholarships are granted for educational purposes or research. To qualify as an applicant, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • The education/research should lie within the areas of technology or economics and be related to the activities of the Perstorp Group
  • The costs of the education/research exceed the normal cost frame and cannot be covered by a national financial aid program for education (scholarships, loans)

How do you apply?
Fill in the enclosed application form>>  (with appropriate supplements) and send to The J. O. Nauclér Memorial Foundation, no later than September 21, 2017. Be very explicit about your intentions and objectives; clarify why you wish to pursue them and how you intend to finance them.

Sign the application and send it to:
The J. O. Nauclér Memorial Foundation
Perstorp AB
SE-284 80 Perstorp

The Board of Trustees will award the scholarships in November 2017 and the recipients and other applicants will be notified soon thereafter.