New Perstorp Authorized Distributor appointed in Brazil

ProPhorce™ SR gut health

Together we will work towards developing the share of gut health additives in one of the world’s top 10 feed production countries. Thanks to it’s specialized Animal Health team and extended reseller network, MCassab works with both large agricultural companies as well as small and medium-sized breeders and producers.

“We are proud to enter the partnership with MCassab and to strengthen our position as a market leader in butyric acid-based solutions in LAM”, says Claudio Lehmann, Regional Sales Manager Perstorp Feed and Food in LAM. Perstorp is one of the few producers of butyric acid in the world, and the only producer involved in the development and production of butyric acid based additives.

ProPhorce™ SR is sold in around 50 countries globally with doubling of sales volumes every year, a clear indicator for customer satisfaction based on superior performance.


Claudio Lehmann

VP Sales Animal Nutrition South America

+55 115 091 664 4

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