Perstorp releases it's first digital Annual Report for 2016

Perstorp Holding AB (Publ.) parent company for world leading specialty chemicals company Perstorp today releases its Annual Report for 2016.

2016 in brief
- Sales from January to December 2016 amounted to SEK 11,305 m
- The adjusted volume sales growth amounted to 11%
- EBITDA excluding non-recurring items was SEK 1,865 m, an increase of almost 12%
- On November 17th, Perstorp successfully closed a refinancing process and secured a renewed long term capital structure
- The transformation of Perstorp from a Good to a GREAT company is mid-term, and having made substantial investments, it is now time to harvest and enter a period of consolidation and delivery

Read more about Perstorp Group’s financial development, operations and strategy in the Annual Report for 2016>>

Annual Report PDF >>

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