Calculate your advantage with ProSid™ MI 700

Correctly preserving your grain with ProSid™ MI 700 saves money. You can now calculate how much you save by using the ProSid™ MI 700 calculator!

You can find the calculator here. It shows the estimated monetary benefits of preserving your grain with ProSid™ MI 700 compared to not treating it at all before storage, based on the information in a number of fields that you need to fill in. You may be surprised to see how much can be saved every year by properly preserving your grain. In the example calculation a farmer that harvests 200 tons of grain, saves over € 5,000 per year!


Perstorp is one of only a few companies in the world that produce propionic acid, which has been used to preserve grain for many years and has proven effective over and over. However transport and storage of propionic acid requires permits due to its corrosivity. ProSid™ MI 700 was created to remove this problem. It can be freely stored and transported and is not corrosive to machinery. It contains esters of propionic acid that make it effective for much longer than pure propionic acid and also greatly reduce the pungent smell that propionic acid is known for. Read more about ProSid™ MI 700 here>>

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