Capa™ entering the world of art

Capa™ polycaprolactones unique heat molding properties are now making their mark in the world of art. Award winning artist Claire Jackson has been sculpting with Capa™ for about ten years, and is receiving increasing critical acclaim for her imaginative polymorph sculptures.

Claire Jackson artistClaire Jackson is an established, award-winning artist represented in London galleries and has shown her work in many parts of the world. Her most recognizable artworks are her white, twisting plastic sculptures, made from Capa™ as a base medium, in forms that feel natural and organic. This is Claire’s signature style, arising from her great interest in science and nature. She looks at microscopic pictures and MRI-scans as a source of inspiration helping her to find new interesting concepts, which are represented in her unique sculptures.

“Capa™ is a very convenient material for the art that I want to create”, says Claire. “It is quick and very intuitive to mold, and it is possible to create fine, detailed pieces that are hard to achieve in other materials. Sometimes the heated medium takes on a life of its own and shows me the way to new shapes and forms. One of the properties I like most is that it’s easy to assemble smaller pieces with precision when creating larger sculptures. It is also possible to paint or mix inks into the material, but I often prefer the white, crisp expression”.

There are still only a few artists working with materials like polycaprolactone, and Claire gets a lot of questions when she shows her pieces. People often want to know if the material is fragile and are surprised when they touch the sculptures and feel that they are rock solid.

“I have won multiple awards for unique style and application of the medium. Very often the medium itself creates as much interest as does the sculpted concept. Since Capa™ is such a pleasing medium to experiment with, I encourage other artists to use it and also arrange workshops for people to try it out. It is really rewarding to see the creativity and joy this medium brings out in people”, says Claire.

Pictures © Claire Jackson

Capa artwork

Capa artwork Claire Jackson

Capa artwork

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