She takes over Perstorp Group’s Twitter account

The Twitter account of Perstorp Group is going from being a push channel of corporate news to becoming a place for reflections and dialogue about Perstorp and the chemical industry.

Cecilia Svensson, Vice President Communications at Perstorp, will therefore from now on take over the Group’s Twitter account @perstorpgroup.

“Twitter is a great communications tool in the social media toolbox to promote news, events and thoughts effectively. I would like to utilize this potential for Perstorp by making the flow of news more ‘personalized’ and relevant, and also to strategically build up the base of followers”, says Cecilia.

Cecilia is taking over the Twitter account with immediate effect, but she actually started gradually during Almedalen, the largest democratic event in Sweden, beginning of July.

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Cecilia Svensson

EVP Communications & Sustainable Transformation

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