Perstorp increases price for CTF

Henrik Aplander
Henrik Aplander
VP, BU Specialty Polyols
+46 435 389 48
Coatings and Resins, Synthetic Lubricants
25 November 2014

Leading specialty chemicals company Perstorp will increase price for Cyclic Trimethylolpropane Formal (CTF) effective January 1 2015 or as existing contracts permit.

Effective January 1 2015, or as existing contracts permit, Perstorp will increase price for CTF. The price increase will be done as follows:

- Europe: 100 EUR/MT
- US, Canada & Mexico: 8 c/lb
- Asia/Pacific, South America, Middle East & Africa: 150 USD/MT

As demand surpasses availability a price increase is necessary in order to reach a reinvestment level where future market growth can be secured as well as sustaining high quality and service.

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