Capa™ samples in an instant

Customers and prospects interested in our Capa™ caprolactones don’t have to wait long for samples. Paul Pinder, Caprolactone Sample Manager, makes sure that they arrive in no time at all.

On Wednesday, September 10th 2x5-kg samples of Capa™ grades were waiting to be delivered from our production unit in Warrington – exactly 52 minutes after the Capa™ lab received the e-mail sales request from a regional sales manager. Impressive? Yes, but actually a bit slow compared to the 17-minute turnaround time for a sample dispatch 5 days earlier. And that was done on a Friday afternoon! Who is this dedicated Perstorper who consistently exceeds the 3-day target time with monthly turnaround averages of less than 1 day?

Meet Paul Pinder, the Caprolactone Sample Manager at Warrington. He and his back-up team are on track to send a significant increase in the number of Capa™ samples this year compared to last year, indicating the growing interest by customers and prospects to formulate with one of Perstorp’s core products.

“Paul is only one of the many reasons customers express very good satisfaction with Perstorp’s caprolactone product line. Often, Paul makes the first impression – one that sometimes only takes 17 minutes to make, but lasts for years. Thank you Paul and your team-mates”, says Jeffrey Neidinger, Caprolactones Business Manager – Americas.

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