Appreciated presentations at Chinacoat 2013

Did you miss out on the presentations given by Albert Tan and Paul Kelly at Chinacoat 2013? Don’t worry – you can find a brief summary of them here, as well as links to download the full presentations.

Apart from showcasing our coatings offer for the North East Asian market, Albert Tan and Paul Kelly took the opportunity to deliver two appreciated presentations during Chinacoat 2013. More details of the presentations can be found below, as well as links to download the full presentations.

Capa™ Polyols - For excellent properties in crosslinked coatings, by Albert Tan
The presentation showed the benefits of using Capa™ for polyols in coating systems cured with different crosslinkers. Capa™ polyols offer a broad range of different functionalities and molecular weights. In combining with standard acrylates, formulations with improved abrasion resistance and flexibility can be obtained together with reduced VOC.

Albert Tan, Market Development Manager (SEA), is responsible for new market applications, new customer account and new product promotions. His experience includes paint production and formulations in solvent-based coatings and waterborne coatings.

Download the full presentation here >>

Intermediates for the design and control of hard and soft UV curing plastic coatings, NewTech Corner, by Paul Kelly

Coatings for plastic applications tend to be functional, whether it is hard “scratch proof” coatings, optical coatings with specific refractive index, or soft feel coatings which give a tactile aspect and add to a feeling of quality. There is a trend towards UV curing coatings with carefully controlled physical characteristics for end use requirement. Development of oligomers based on customized polyol intermediates leading to control of properties such as Tg, modulus, impact strength, hardness and resistance can be achieved by design.

Paul Kelly, Innovation Specialist, qualified in Polymer Chemistry at North London, has worked in radiation curing for over 30 years. He has extensive worldwide market experience and a detailed knowledge of formulation for coatings, graphics and new technology applications.

Download the full presentation here >>

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