Perstorp Performance System for improved production at Site Perstorp

At Perstorp’s production unit in Perstorp, Sweden, the production of TMP holds a good pace with record levels. Thanks to Perstorp Performance System, PPS, and skillful employees, the production continuously improves.

“Change creates opportunities for improvement “, says TMP/NEO Plant Manager Johnny Knudsen, referring to the implementation of PPS. “The work within PPS has made people more engaged, the plants more reliable, and all in all has created a safer workplace for all of us.”

Perstorp’s work with PPS is regarding continuous improvements focusing on what can be done to create more value for customers and how to become more efficient. With the progress in TMP production, it’s clear that the right improvement projects were chosen when PPS was implemented two years ago. The Perstorp Project Model, PPM, a part of PPS, has also contributed to the development. But projects alone don’t pave the way to success:

“We have a dedicated and skillful team of operators, maintenance personnel and engineers, who together have put a lot of effort to make this happen”, Johnny Knudsen concludes.

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