Creating a sustainable and future-proof Perstorp Performance System

The future of Perstorp Performance System, PPS, was the subject for a conference in September. Some 30 Perstorpers discussed and shared ideas on how to work with PPS in the future and how to create a sustainable PPS.

Perstorp Performance System is the Perstorp Group’s methodology for continuous improvements around the company. To decide how PPS will be developed and maintained, Site Managers, PPS Specialists and others working with PPS met for a conference in September.

“The subject for the conference was to identify building blocks that we need to have in place in order to continue to implement, develop and sustain PPS”, Håkan Kihlberg, PPS Director, explains.

One of the topics for the conference was regarding measurements of PPS:

“If we want to understand how and what we need to improve, measurements are required. This is the core for PPS - and how else can we tell if the implementation of PPS goes well?” Håkan says.

The importance of sharing PPS experiences and going in the same directions was expressed from the sites too:

“As we begin to move away from external guidance in our work with PPS it is very important that we develop our organization to drive the improvements we expect through PPS. It is vital that we steer our ships in the same direction, and this conference provided that coordination, says Larry Fioritto, Site Manger Toledo.

“There is a high awareness that we need to take a joint responsibility for PPS, and during the conference it was possible for us to agree on fundamental issues for creating a sustainable Perstorp Performance System”, Håkan Kihlberg concludes.

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