Clean Shipping Index - Perstorp's tool for sustainable shipping

Perstorp is one of the major transport buyers of the shipping industry that use the Clean Shipping Index (CSI) to calculate and minimize the environmental footprint across the supply chain of the products.

Almost all products consumed, be it in the form of raw materials or finished products, are transported by a ship at some stage. Ships emit around 3% of the total manmade CO2 emissions globally. Other air emissions from ships such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and particles to the air contribute to acidification of land and sea and threaten air quality and human health.

In the Clean Shipping Index (CSI) database ships and ship owners get ranked on environmental performance. Transport buyers use this information to evaluate emission levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur oxides (SOx), particulate matter. Also the use of chemicals onboard and water and waste management are addressed. Currently close to 2,000 vessels have been reported in the Index. CSI is driven by a non-profit organization where ship owners present the environmental profile of their fleet to a network of large customers who consider this in procurement situations. The aim: global increase in market demand for clean ships.

“Perstorp is using the Clean Shipping Index as a tool for sustainable shipping. Together with other members of the Clean Shipping Network who use the CSI, such as Evonik, Akzo Nobel, BASF, H&M, Volvo and Philips we aim to drive sustainable development in the maritime transport industry”, says Per Derwik, Perstorp Global Transport Manager. “We consider this a good initiative that matches our environmental ambitions. For us it’s important to be part of a proactive environmental project and work together with other prominent environmentally focused companies. Together we can achieve more. The reported data in the CSI database is one of the parameters we consider when we nominate shipping lines in the yearly procurement process.”


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