Satisfying Bruchhausen inspection

The Penta plants at Perstorp’s production site in Bruchhausen that were re-launched in 2007 have recently been inspected according to the EU regulated Industrial Emission Directive. The results were really satisfying.

Representatives of the district council in Arnsberg, Germany, recently conducted the EU regulated Industrial Emission Directive Inspection at Site Bruchhausen with the conclusion: really satisfying results. Focus was on checking approval notice after the re-launch of two of the site’s Penta plants in 2007.

Site Bruchhausen could prove the conformity with the approval – with regards to documentation, discussions with the site’s experts, and interviews with operators as well as employees of the workshops. Minor issues the auditors addressed will be used to improve the system even further in the future.

Site Bruchhausen’s development over the past years was appreciated. Michael Petzke from EHS says:

“It becomes very clear that we have worked intensely on the development of our safety management and the safety standards in the plants and workshops. It strikes out that we include all employees in these improvements.”

Thanks to the audit system as well as the routines for technical inspections that have been introduced with the Groups method for continuous improvements, Perstorp Performance System, also important requirements of the authorities are being fulfilled at the same time. The district council representatives gave very positive feedback to these innovations.

“I want to thank everyone being part in the preparations and the actual inspection for contributing to an excellent impression of Site Bruchhausen”, says Peter Hartmann.

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