Coporate review to keep up momentum

In order to keep up momentum in work with continuous improvements, internal reviews are now being conducted at two of the Group’s production units. This is a corner stone in Perstorp Performance System, our model for continuous improvements.

With a wish to build on the positive way to review everything that is on-going, the first corporate review is now being conducted at two of Perstorp’s production units, Site Perstorp and Site Stenungsund. These are the units being involved in Perstorp Performance System the longest time.

“With the corporate reviews we want to verify that we keep up momentum in our work with continuous improvements”, Håkan Kihlberg, Director Perstorp Performance System, explains. “It is not about finding “non-compliance”, it is about supporting the sites and teams in their work to improve further what they are doing. A big portion of the reviews are also dedicated to sharing best practice.”

“The reviews are corner stones in our work of creating a sustainable Perstorp Performance System”, Håkan adds.

Håkan Kihlberg

VP Strategic Projects & Processes

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