New flare gives new skyline to Stenungsund

Cecilia Svensson
Cecilia Svensson
VP Group Communications & Sustainability
+46 40 635 88 30
16 April 2013

The Perstorp Group’s major investment, the Valerox project, at Site Stenungsund is going forward at full speed – last week the new flare was raised giving a completely new skyline.

Despite heavy winds, end of last week the new flare at the Group’s production site in Stenungsund was raised. The new flare is required as the old would not be able to fulfill the requirements with more volume being produced in the future as a result of the Valerox project, the major investment in new capacity for the production of valeraldehyde and its derivatives.

“We continue to follow the critical path, despite a delay at the manufacture of the flare”, says Patricia Oddshammar, Global Project Manager for Valerox.  “The team is working hard to ensure we could gain back some of the lost time and they did”. “Still we are not on the finish line, so it will be an intensive Q2 in order to get the flare ready by June”.

The Valerox project is one of the largest investments ever in Perstorp’s history bringing new capacity to the Group in the field of plasticizers. The market for the new plasticizer, DPHP, is increasingly strong and the product has been well received by the market. DPHP is expected to be a key mainstream high molecular weight plasticizer, used in many different PVC applications.

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