Highlights from Perstorp presented at ECS 2013

Sustainable coating innovation on show at ECS 2013
Our coating specialists will be out in force too, so you will be able to get hands-on technical answers to and advice for your coating needs and applications. Whether you are interested in PU, radcure, intumescents or decorative coatings just come along to the stand to meet or challenge one of our experts.

No cap on Capa™ supply or new applications
Capa™ is a versatile technology that can be made partially renewable, and the production capacity was recently doubled to meet the increased global demand for Capa™ and for the new developments in the pipeline.

One of the new developments to be demonstrated at ECS 2013 will be Capa™ for PUD leather finishing. This will focus on the performance benefits of Capa™ in leather applications, plus the superior leather finish that Capa™ achieves. The technical results will be fully presented during the exhibition. Other new Capa™ developments to be showcased include Capa’s abrasion resistance for coatings in tough applications and for thermally cured high-solid coatings, which offer enhanced toughness and good UV-resistance.

Voxtar™ - the rockstar of renewable pentas
Voxtar™ is Perstorp’s renewable pentaerythritol and an excellent example of a successful replacement for fossil raw materials with renewable ones in the existing process, without having to make major and costly infrastructure changes. Voxtar™ can directly reduce carbon footprints by up to 75% without compromising performance. The success of Voxtar™ since its launch 2 years ago has led to the development of our extended renewable offer, which will be presented at the ECS show.

Ymer™ - robust and sustainable solutions
Perstorp will also showcase and demonstrate on-stand the benefit of non-ionically stabilized PUD’s for waterborne resins using its Ymer™ technology. The Ymer™ resin dispersion technology provides excellent performance characteristics that promote long lasting durability to provide a really robust sustainable solution. This environmentally friendly technology facilitates solvent free PUD’s and enables further reductions in emissions.

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