New owner for well-known Swedish brand – Perstorp Ättika sold

Manufacturing at Perstorp’s production facilities in Perstorp, southern Sweden, will be moved to Kavli’s plant at Eslöv, where the employees affected will be offered employment.

“Perstorp vinegar is a product that has been historically important to us and to some extent laid the foundation for the Group we are today. It’s also one of those products that once helped make Perstorp well-known among Swedish consumers. Perstorp’s vinegar is not currently a core product for Perstorp and is also one of very few consumer products in our portfolio, which means that the product can not be fully developed under our ownership,” says Anders Lundin, Head of the Performance Products business group at Perstorp. “In Kavli we have found a new owner for the product who we have great confidence in and we are sure they will be able to manage the brand in a way that we wish.”

Perstorp vinegar was one of the first products the Perstorp Group's founder, Wilhelm Wendt, began manufacturing when the company started in 1881.

“The Perstorp Ättika brand is well-renowned and has a very long tradition. Perstorp Ättika’s products match our commitment of being a market leader and total supplier in the segment with Druvan’s existing product range,” says Gerhard Bley, CEO of O. Kavli AB. “We know that the brand has a very strong position among Swedish consumers and our aim is to continue to develop that position through investments in the product range, developing the packaging and marketing. Production will take place at our factory in Eslöv, where we have been since 1874.”The deal is expected to be completed by May 31, 2013.

O. Kavli AB’s sales, after the merger with Druvan, are SEK 700 million with around 200 employees in Sweden. Production takes place at the plants in Älvsjö and Eslöv. O. Kavli AB owns and currently markets several brands: Kavli, Druvan, Johnny's, Hultbergs, Västervik and yoghurt brands Skyr, Bärry and Tiger. The Kavli Group has sales of SEK 2.7 billion and is active in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and the UK. The Kavli Group is owned by a foundation with the aim that the profit will go to charities in the areas of humanitarian aid, medical research and culture. Read more at and