Increasing global interest in Voxtar™

Perstorp’s Voxtar™ was launched during European Coating Show in 2011. It was Perstorp’s response to customer demand for renewable and more sustainable raw material.

“We have received very good feedback and gained a lot of interest for this new polyol. The Voxtar™ concept is an ingenious way to offer a sustainable solution to our customers at reasonable cost. Voxtar™ combines renewability and sustainability”, Product Manager Andreas Nilsson explains.

“As a global market leader of specialty chemicals, the Voxtar™ range fits very well in Perstorp’s portfolio of renewable and more sustainable products, which is reflected in the positive customer response. For 2013 a number of our corporate goals are aiming at further improved sustainability and Focused Innovation, where the sales of Voxtar™ plays an important role”, says Mikael Gedin, EVP Group Sales and Customer Service.

The following grades are available of Voxtar™

The M50, T50 and D50 grades
These grades are produced partly from renewable raw material. The Voxtar™ is produced using renewable energy, giving significantly lower carbon footprint, less than 50%, compared with Penta produced using fossil energy. Carbon footprint (cradle to gate) is included in the sales specification. The number is audited by a third party. For customers focusing on reducing carbon footprint of their end products, at minimum cost, the M50/T50 or D50 versions are the most suitable grades.

The M100/T100 and D100 grades
These grades are produced fully from renewable raw material, using renewable energy, resulting in 75% lower carbon footprint (cradle to grave) compared with using fossil energy. The raw materials used for making these grades are 100% renewable, according to the mass balance principle. Third party audits have been made to certify that purchased raw material corresponds to the produced amounts of Voxtar™. Carbon footprint (cradle to gate) is included in the sales specification. These grades should be offered to customers wanting products based on renewable raw material and with very low carbon footprint.

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