Perstorp at ChinaCoat 23-25 November

Highlights of Perstorp’s offer at ChinaCoat 2012 include our new Easaqua™ X L 600 polyisocyanate for easy dispersibility and improved humidity resistance in waterborne polyurethane coatings and further solutions for environmentally friendly coatings.

Many of Perstorp's high quality products are used in resins for coatings and inks and formulated coatings and adhesives. Among the portfolio of materials and skills, Perstorp's offer for polyurethane-based systems is at the sector's forefront. This includes performance products that can be used directly in formulations. At the ChinaCoat show, Perstorp will present, for example, Tolonate™ aliphatic polyisocyanates, which are cross-linkers for high-performance polyurethane coatings and adhesives, and Capa™ polycaprolactones, which reduce the need for solvents thanks to their exceptionally low viscosity, while achieving outstanding abrasion resistance and flexibility at low temperatures.

Other products on show are essential building blocks for polyurethane dispersions (PUD), ranging from dispersing monomers (Bis-MPA, Ymer™ N120), polyols (Oxymer™ polycarbonate diols and Capa™ polycaprolactones) and isocyanate monomers (HDI, IPDI, TDI). Perstorp also presents Charmor™ products, for best-in-class intumescent coatings to protect people and property.

Increased capacity for key products
Already the world’s largest supplier of caprolactone and its derivatives, Perstorp has now successfully doubled our production capacity of Capa™ polycaprolactones. Capa™ enables solvent-free PUDs with best flexibility and strength. In response to the rapidly growing demand for caprolactones worldwide, Perstorp demonstrates commitment to helping secure long-term availability with the opening of a second Capa™ stream at our Warrington, UK plant.

“We are very committed to supporting the market for high end niche products that can be enhanced through the use of caprolactones,” says Bob Wasson, Perstorp Sales and Business Development Director Asia. “Now that the second stream is in operation I’m really looking forward to working more closely with the business here in Asia. This is where we believe the greatest growth potential for caprolactones exists.”

We continue to strengthen our offer to the Asian market in order to be an ideal partner for our customers and enable them to capitalize on the rapid and strong growth in this region.

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