Boltorn™ P501 for UV hardcoats launched at China Coat

Cecilia Svensson
Cecilia Svensson
VP Group Communications & Sustainability
+46 40 635 88 30
22 November 2011

Perstorp is now launching Boltorn™ P501, a unique winning formula developed for UV curable hardcoat applications where high quality and durability are premium demands. After having successfully met a series of demanding tests; this product is ready to go to market.

Henrik Bernquist, Product Manager for Perstorp’s Boltorn™ range says:

“We have achieved a big improvement in hardness for thin coatings, and with all the other advantages of excellent substrate adhesion, wear resistance and toughness this is an ideal product for touch screens and a whole range of electronic devices.”

Boltorn™ P501 designed to be hard
Boltorn™ P501 is a dendritic polyol, which when acrylated shows excellent balance of properties with regard to viscosity, reactivity, hardness vs. flexibility, adhesion onto flexible substrates. Boltorn™ P501 has been custom designed to boost scratch resistance and hardness of UV cured coatings while maintaining all the other excellent properties of Boltorn™ P500. This makes Boltorn™ P501 an attractive alternative to using DPHA in UV curable hardcoats.

Boltorn™ P501 shows its quality advantages over DPHA
Boltorn™ P501 maintains the low viscosity of Boltorn™ P500, which means it is significantly lower than DPHA allowing easier application while dramatically reducing the need for reactive diluents or solvents. In tests the hardness of Boltorn™ P501 is comparable to DPHA, but the adhesion to e.g. polycarbonate substrates has shown itself to be considerably better than DPHA. Scratch resistance tests have shown very similar results between Boltorn™ P501 and DPHA.

Boltorn™ P501 reduces the need for solvents
Environmentally Boltorn™ P501 proves to be a winner too. You need a low viscosity when applying hardcoats and this is usually achieved using solvents or monomers, which irritate the skin. Boltorn™ P501 reduces the use of solvents as well as monomers for a safer and better environment.

Visit Perstorp at China Coat, SNIEC, Shanghai 23-25 November in hall E3, stand 3G21-26.

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