Easaqua™ X L 600 gets off to a flying start!

From promotion to sales, it took only 2 months. A very striking fact as it usually takes more than 18 months to get 2K waterborne polyurethane approval due to different testing stages done by the customers. A proof that Perstorp’s Easaqua™ range has been recognized and established on the market.

Despite the current financial turmoil in the HDI & Derivatives market demand continues to exceed supply. Success is all the bigger as the new Easaqua™ X L 600 is proving to be a great hit with Perstorp customers. In a short period of time, the Market Development, Innovation and Process teams succeeded to identify the unmet needs of the customers, to convey them into an innovative product and to adapt the process to produce at industrial scale. Launched at the end of March, this hydrophilic polyisocyanate was designed to complement the Perstorp Easaqua™ range. 

Vu Le, Perstorp Regional Sales Manager for UK, Benelux and Norden, can give an example of a satisfied customer:

“As soon as Easaqua™ X L 600 was launched, it was presented to our distributor net work and Perstorp’s UK distributor Innovia then promoted it to their UK distribution accounts. A sample was soon requested by Tor Coatings in April, the initial tests gave excellent results and commercial order was placed in May. Tor Coatings is already a TolonateTM customer. Until now our other Easaqua™ range had not met the desired properties. Easaqua™ X L 600 truly provides a fast track from launching to commercialization.” 

Andrew Coutts, Innovia Director, confirms that the customers really like the product:

“What Tor was looking  for in high performance coatings is an easy mixing, easy to apply by brush and roller, able to formulate at high gloss and a tough and easy to clean finished surface. They also want the product to be compatible with different pigment pastes, in order to make different colors.”

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